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Community Plans

Westfield Connections

The Westfield Community Planning & Design Initiative
Strategies for Landscape Enhancements in the Village and Town of Westfield

Summary Report

This Plan is being used by local residents and businesses, as well as by local government to preserve and enhance our community. The Summary Report outlines a one-year planning & design effort initiated by the Westfield Ad-Hoc Committee to develop design strategies for landscape enhancements in the Town and Village of Westfield. Below are links to the six individual sections of the Summary Report, each dealing with a primary area of study:

North Portage Street: Improving the Roadway Landscape
Municipal: Parking: An Important Visual Landscape
Village Center Area: Main Street Enhancements
Moore Park: Landscape Enhancements
Village Center Connections
The Westfield-Chautauqua Greenway

To download the entire Summary Report, click here.

Westfield-Chautauqua Greenway

the path of the French explorers

Walk the path of the French explorers and view this high profile, environmental project recently completed at the mouth of Chautauqua Creek. Multiple grants have provided for erosion control, improved habitat and upgraded DEC fishing access along the waterway from Route 5 to Lake Erie. Learn more.


Westfield-Ripley Lakefront Opportunity Plan

Lakefront Opportunity Plan

The Town of Westfield, the Town of Ripley, and their joint Lakefront Committee welcome you to the Westfield-Ripley Lakefront Opportunity Plan webpage.